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Stabilize & Un-stabilized Knife and Pen Blanks
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Excellent for knife handles, Pen Blanks and Jewelry making.

They measure 3/4 to 1" thick 5" plus in length 1 1/2 to 1 5/8" wide
They are aged 6 months after stabilization and are so much easier to work without gumming.

They are salvaged from years of saving those cut offs that are just too pretty to throw away so the
average figure and color is high or it wouldn't have been there to salvage.

I sell them without pictures or descriptions. ( The pictures at the top of this page are pretty indicative
of what your pieces will look like.) The more labor I have to put in them the more I have to charge you.

You can order any amount individually or mixed. Just let me know what species,  grade and how many
you want of each.

We guarantee you will love these blanks. If for any reason, you don't, just send them back for full price
refund. Shipping not included.

The stabilized material needs no finish as it is beautiful sanded and buffed.  
Price List
Stabilized Pen blanks           Beautiful grade                $10.00
Stabilized Pen blanks           Extraordinary grade       $14.00  
Un-stabilized Pen blanks      Beautiful grade                $8.50
Un-stabilized Pen blanks      Extraordinary grade       $10.75
Stabilized Knife blanks         Beautiful grade                $20.00
Stabilized Knife blanks         Extraordinary grade      $30.00
Un-stabilized Knife blanks   Beautiful grade                $10.00
Un-stabilized Knife blanks   Extraordinary grade       $12.00
Ordering information
Go to the Contact Us page   and   fill  in the
blanks. In the comment  section let me know
what species, grade and  quantity you want.
I  will find the best  shipping  rates for  you  
and email or call  with totals and we  can
take care of payment  then. I accept  PayPal
or  Credit Cards.  We   are  a  one  man   
one  woman operation here so we don't  do it
like the big guys, but the quality of wood
makes up for it
One knife blank will generally make 2 pen blanks
There has been a fire in our shop, we've lost all our wood. Not just what is on this
site but all the years of collecting the most beautiful wood we could find. This has
been a big blow to us, not sure how we will proceed, but it will be quite a while
before we're up and running again. I'll send emails out as I know more. Thank you
all for the many years of support you have shown us. Be well!
Robert & Linda Cutler